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Congratulations to the Canadian women on their second half come back to win the game 3 - 2.
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Welcome to the Huronia District Soccer Referees' Association (HDSRA), a Member of the Ontario Soccer Referees' Association, (OSRA). Whether you are an experienced referee, a new referee, or are considering becoming a referee, we hope that you will find our site and our organization to be of interest and benefit to you. If you are a player, a parent or someone who is just interested in our sport, enjoy the site and feel welcome to return!

HDSRA, a voluntary organization, is tasked by
Huronia District Soccer Association (HDSA) to provide educational instructors for continuing education courses, preparing referees for their Regional Level Exam and on-field mentoring. There is strength in numbers for these roles and we actively welcome you to become a member of the HDSRA. Check out this site for more information and links to where you need to go.

In addition, the HDSA assignment of senior game appointments for referees and assistant referees is through the Referee-in-Chief at this web site.

We would like you to consider joining the HDSRA / OSRA, we would welcome you openly.
If you have any general questions or require further information, please email through the
Contact Us page.

LINK to OSA 2014 Registration new process. Good luck with their quiz.

Watch this: LINK to game official abuse video.

You may enjoy watching this LINK 5 worst referee calls

If you are not registered you can not get jobs here!
Ensure your info in E2E is up-to-date; and pay your fees in the top right corner using REGISTRATION. It will allow you to use your credit card.
NOT a member of E2E? Then you have to join HERE and the ACTIVATION CODE you need is Huronia2012*

We hope you enjoy exploring our site and find all the information about reffing in Huronia you need.

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